School Enrichment Programs

Fairfax County 4-H offers several educational activities to support classroom learning. School enrichment programs allow youth to receive 4-H Youth Development Program curricula or other educational materials in a group or classroom during school hours. 4-H also provides training for teachers in a variety of topics, ranging from positive youth development to effective learning models and methods to specific curriculum

Many 4-H school enrichment programs address objectives covered in Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL's). All of these programs are offered free of charge. Use the drop down list below to learn how your school can get involved in Fairfax County 4-H’s school enrichment programs.

School Enrichment Activities


A 21 day project where, young people will use an incubator with the goal of successfully incubating avian embryos (growing inside fertile eggs) through the hatching process. This project can teach basic biology and life science to students, as the young people eagerly look forward to hatching chicks.

Ready, Set, Grow

In partnership with the Fairfax County Master Gardeners, Ready, Set, Grow! (RSG) is an enrichment program for 4th grade students to enhance their study of plants and their importance in fun and imaginative ways. Teams of two trained Master Gardeners present two hours of instruction with several hands-on and creative activities. The program complements the Fairfax County Program of Studies (POS), teaching kids about the parts of plants, flowers and seeds, photosynthesis, germination and pollination. They have the opportunity to have fun while learning from experienced gardeners and the program finishes with each child planting flower and vegetable seeds to take home and watch grow into mature plants.

Reality Store

It is becoming more important than ever for high school graduates to have sound money management skills and a clear understanding of financial decision making. Reality Store is a simulation in which students receive a hypothetical family situation with a monthly income and are then required to make spending decisions on housing, transportation, groceries, clothing, medical care, entertainment, savings, and other expenses without running out of money or going into debt.

Kids Marketplace

Kids Marketplace is a financial simulation adapted for elementary and middle school-aged children. Students receive a job and a monthly income in play money and decide how to spend it at the animal shelter, fun station, grocery store, bank, and other expense stations. Students are encouraged to save a portion of their income and to contribute some to charity.

Techer's Resource Website

This site is a library of research-based, experiential learning resources accumulated by Virginia 4-H Extension Agents. These resources include lesson plans, activity sheets, and videos - organized by SOL and CTE task numbers. These resources are free, but in order to justify the effort spent in compiling these resources we ask you to complete the brief survey below