We always encourage members to try several different 4-H Clubs in order to find which club fits each member the best.  4-H members can be a part of any 4-H Club and are not restricted to just one 4-H Club.

​There are 4 types of 4-H Clubs available: Community Clubs, Project Clubs, School Clubs & Military Clubs.  Community Clubs offer a variety of 4-H projects for their members. Project clubs focus on a single 4-H project or subject matter area (i.e. horse clubs, photography clubs, etc.) School Clubs, which meet during school hours, are approved by the school system. Finally, Military Clubs are held only on military installations. 

​If you would like to learn more about a particular 4-H Club, please contact the 4-H Club Manager through the information below. 

2023-24 4-H Club List Final